Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Home Study

This is what my dining room table looks like right now...

So much paperwork!!!

Anyway, our last home study was fine. Our SW came by and spent about 30 minutes. She talked to us for a while asking about home safety. Then, she talked to Mc. She was out of control wild. I guess I just built it up too much, "mommy's friend Miss Julie is coming over today and she is going to help us get baby sis..." She seriously acted like a crazy person. Next, she took the home tour, saw where baby sis' room is going to be :) and where she'll get to play.

Our next step is immigration. boo. The worst part. Julie will finish our home study next week and send it to us for approval. Once that happens, it goes to our adoption agency for approval. Then, she will package all of that up along with our passports and fingerprints and she mails it to US immigration. This is about an 8 week process... I think they basically check everything you've ever done in your life form the day you were born. I guess it's good. They are making sure we aren't terrorists or anything... but I could just tell them that and save us all alot of time! :)

So, I'll let everyone know when we mail that off! When it comes back, we'll still have a few steps left before submittal to China, but we're over the first big hump!!!!!