Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Ones for Today!

Kali Mathias

The Lee Family

Miss Blake Birmingham

Lee and Gretchen McElveen

The Self Family
The Hinsons

The McInteers

The Goldasich Family

MeMaw and Teta

The Rosenburgs

The Malone Family

Aunt Ava & Uncle Randy

The Ward Family- Jennie Blair, Bryan, Abigail & Caroline

From The Wicks Family

Mandi & Ned


Rhonda & Johnny

Still More....

Keith and Mitsi Lindsay

Katie Parker

Gloria and Family

The Nunn Family

The Hurleys

Lisa Justice

Lily, Ray & Mary Munoz

Mrs. Annette
Shawntell, Emery and Elijah

The Sanders

Jeff and Charlotte Wolfe

The Quillens- Vicki, Casey, Tyler & Hannah


The Birminghams

Nan & Leon

Grannie Annie

Miss Jessica Francis

McHaney Clan Fabrics

Cousin Lauren

Julie and Andy

Jill and Alan

Aunt Betty (quilter extraordinaire!) and Uncle Tommy

Back to Quilting

The Scobeys

Grandma and Grandad

The Howells- Ryan, Sara Annabelle

The Blue Dolphins

The Watsons- Jon, Jennifer & Family

Sara and Bill Hunter

Steve, Fengjuan and Grace Zhang (sweet family that has done all the translating for our letters!)

Where Are We?

I'm sure many of you saw my FB post a few weeks ago saying we had received our NVC Approval and were done with paperwork, that's true! We are done with paperwork on our end, from my understanding, but the US is not done quite yet.... we are currently awaiting our Article 5 Approval and from there should receive our travel approval 2-3 weeks later.

From what I can tell via blog forums, we should be about 9-10 days from receiving that Article 5... My hope and best guess would be for a travel date the week of Sept 15th. But, that is a VERY rough estimate.... Anyone wanna take bets as to when we actually will leave?!?!??!

Alba's Home Town

Alba Lee is from the Shanxi Province in China. The name Shanxi literally means "Mountain's West", which refers to the province's location west of the Taihang Mountains. Shanxi is surrounded by mountains. East of Shanxi is the Yellow River. The pictures I have seen are amazing!

The capital of Shanxi is Taiyuan City. This is Alba's birth city. Taiyuan is the largest city in Northeastern China. It has a population of 4.3 million. Its name means "Great Plains". It is an ancient city having been formed in 859 B.C. It is one of the biggest stainless steel producers in the world. This city is famous for it's "shaved noodles." Taiyuan is also, unfortunately, one of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world (that should be fun...)

And one fun fact? Taiyuan is one of Nashville's 6 "Sister Cities"... a coincidence? I think not!