Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here are some pics Deb sent of the new little man. Isn't he beautiful? And, look at the one of Dennis... you think he's a proud Papa???

I Have a New Nephew!

Sawyer Martin Phillips was born this afternoon around 1:00. Her weighed in at 7lbs, 5 oz and was 19 inches long. Mama and baby are both doing well and he is beautiful. Dad looked pretty enamored himself.

More details and pics to follow. (I forgot my camera, so I'm waiting for the in-laws to forwards me a few... hint, hint) :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guess Where I went Thursday Night!?!?

Sheryl Crow

Yes, Thursday night, my sweet husband did something totally out of character and suprised me with tickets to the Sheryl Crow concert.

He called about 4:oo, and said he had gotten 2 tickets in the Sommet luxury box from a consultant. He booked us a hotel room and everything! I lined David and Barbara up for a little slumber party with Mc at their new pad and headed downtown.

We went to the concert and she was AWESOME!!! the box wasn't bad either. :) After the concert, we headed over to Big Bang and listen to music for 2 hours. So out of character for us these days! I felt like we were in college again! After leaving there, we got a guy on a scooter pulling a 2 seater biggy to take us back to our hotel. Hilarious! Finally, once back at the room, we ordered dinner from some 24 hour place (b/c it was 2am!) and it was fabulous!!!

Anyway, just had to brag on my little hubby. It was so sweet of him to do, and I really appreciated it!!!

PS- The pics below were to funny not to post!

Fun at Chik Fil A

I thought these were cute pictures of Mc with her friends. We went to lunch with them at Chik Fil A last week. I love seeing her play with other kids. They are all just so precious!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Visit with "Grandaddy"

Tonight we went to eat with Daren's Dad and Barbara, and Daren's Grandaddy (David's Dad). We don't get to see him very often, in fact, last time we saw him, Mc was 2 weeks old. This time, she was 2 years old! So crazy... it doesn't seem like it has been that long, but I guess time really does fly.

Grandaddy lives in Chattanooga, but was in town for the Senior Olympics, which he bowled in... how cute is that? Anyway, it was good to catch up with him, and I was able to snap this precious picture of him with his two great-grandaughters. How freakin precious!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Presents From Pasadena

Of course I couldn't go on vacation without bringing Mc back a few gifts. Here are a few pics of Mc testing out her favorites. First, some new finger paints. She loved them and it was the first thing she did this morning after she woke up. Second are her new "Paul Frank" pjs. Her first and she looks adorable in it. I loved the "big" girl panties too. They are her first pair. (Yes, she's wearing a diaper with them... who cares!)

Trip to Pasadena

This last week, and over the weekend, I went with my Mom to visit the Seester and Andrew in Pasadena. We had a great time talking, shopping, and "tasting".

Wednesday, Lauren picked us up at the airport and we went to do a little shopping. Next, we went to the Montage, a beautiful resort on the beach in Malibu. We had a bottle of champagne by the fire in the bar (see pic of me at left!) and looked out on the ocean. Beautiful! Our flight had gotten in late, so we finished up the night with a little dinner and headed to bed.

Thursday, Mom and I met the Seester for brunch and went out to see a few of the Pasadena sites. (note "Father of the Bride" House at left.) Then, Lauren had to work from 1-8, so Mom and I did some serious shopping. That night, we met Andrew for drinks and Lauren joined us for a late dinner. Friday, more of the same. We went to some outlets and yes, shopped again.

On Saturday, Lauren picked us up early and we drove to Santa Barbara to do a little wine tasting. We had an early lunch and got started. The wine was good and the country was pretty. It's no Napa, but it will do! (Pic of Sester at bottom is after lots of tasting)

It was so good to see the Seester and have a little girl time. I missed my main girl bunches and bunches though! So, as much fun as we had, I'm glad to be home!

Friday, July 11, 2008

McHaney's First VBS

Our church starts VBS at 3 years. But, since I directed a class this year, Mc, at only two, was able to go attend. It was so cute. We sang songs, from VBS, every night and she did lots of art. Every day she'd scream when I dropped her off, but as soon as I was out of sight, she'd stop.

I was so proud of her. Five days, she went everyday for 5 days! I was amazed, really. The child has never been to school or anything, and she did awesome!!!!

Below are a few pics from the week. One is during VBS. The second, as you can see, are mommy and daughter in their matching shirts. The last one was tonight at dinner with her new friends Ann Elizabeth and Walter. We went to eat with them, and their mommy and daddy, to celebrate VBS (being over). ;)

Hope you all have had as great of a week as we have!

Outrigger Island

This week, our church has been in VBS. Somehow, I was roped into directing a kindergarten class. I don't know how it happened... actually, I think my mouth was running much faster than my brain, which, happens a lot, so that wouldn't be shocking.

Anyway, the build up was awful. I thought it would be one of those things I would never want to do again. The planning, the teaching, the stress... whew. It was too much before it even began. But, once I got into it, and with the help of my wonderful friends Leigh Ann and Jenn, it was a breeze. There was a lot to do, but it was so worth it. The girls were extremely helpful, and I had a great group of kids.

Tonight they did a program, at the church, for all the kids. It was so rewarding to see our class on stage singing the songs and doing the movements. 4 kids were baptized tonight, and 40 accepted Christ this week. How Awesome!!!!!!

So, it was a great week. We had a great time, and I will totally do it again next year!!!!

I won't be posting many pics, as they asked us not to post pics of the kids faces on blogs... but, someone did capture a fantastic, ha, picture of me during my "teaching" time, that I thought I'd share. (note the tie-died tees. We did them in class!)


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

Before I even blog, I gotta tell you I left my camera at home and I don't have a single picture!!!!  (I know, I know, so unlike me!)

Anyway, on Wed., Mc and I drove up to Lake Hartwell, in NE Georgia, to spend some time with my extended family on my Dad's side.  We rode up with mom and dad, but Daren came down on Thursday night.  It was pretty cool.  I loved being there, hearing stories about my Dad, and the rest of his cousins. 

 McHaney was tolerable, although she acted extremely poorly until her Deda got there.  She did love the lake though and had a good time on the boat.  It was hilarious because everytime we'd take her out on it, it waslike she was in a trance.  The last day, we were on it for 4 hours and she basically didn't function for four hours.  

Hmmm, if I only had a lake and a boat in my house....

It was a fun time and we were so thankful to Dad's cousin Jill, and her family, for letting us crash at there lake house.  I'm sure we'll be back again soon!!!!