Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday McHaney!

McHaney on her birthday morning!

Birthday Party #1

I worried all day Thursday and Friday that McHaney's birthday would be ruined because of the rain. Luckily, and as usual, the weather report was wrong. It did rain on us some, but not before the kids could get in some water time. My parents have a pool, but as you can see from the pics, the sprinkler pool was a bigger hit!

We ate, played in the sprinkler, and then it started to rain! So, the party moved indoors where we played, open presents, and had cupcakes. Yummy!

Unfortunately, I deleted several of my pics before I got around to blogging, but you can see them on shutterfly (see link at side of page for McHaney Pics) Let me know if you don't have the password and would like to view!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Last night. someone was very interested in my baking techniques! Mc is having 2 birthday parties this weekend. In these pictures, we are making cupcakes for her party today at Mimi's house!

Watering the Flowers

Mc and I took dinner to my grandparents on Thursday night. Memaw has a watering pail she uses on their patio flowers and it was full. So, of course, McHaney decided it was the perfect toy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100 Things About Me

Carrie tagged me to do this, so here you go... 100 things about Rachel

1. I love my life

2. I work for my Dad and it is the best!

3. I’m happy McHaney has her daddy’s red hair

4. I rarely feel stressed

5. Because I rarely feel stress, I make myself sick with stomach aches

6. Apparently I internalize

7. I love Jon Bon Jovi

8. I forged my mom’s signature with a crayon in 3rd grade

9. I didn’t get caught until the 3rd time

10. I love the beach

11. I love the Lake even more, Center Hill Lake specifically

12. I’ve always considered myself one of the boys

13. If I could have another life I’d be a fashion designer

14. But I would rather have the life I have now

15.I worked at a youth ranch in Northern CA one summer

16. I was a youth minister for a year and a half

17. Child birth scares the crap out of me… yes, still

18. I was a horrible student

19. I make decisions very quickly

20. I rarely return to those decisions

21. I hate cleaning

22. I don’t like things lying around the house (ie Daren’s shoes and clothes)

23. I think of myself as an extrovert

24. I’m really an introvert

25. I’m much better one on one than I am in a group

26. I like to sew, it is my only “hobby”

27. I love children’s consignment sales

28. The first 2 CD’s I ever bought were Janet Jackson and The Doors

29. Crab legs are my favorite food

30. I love to dance with Daren

31. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth

32. I have a geographic tongue

33. I’m missing an organ

34. I remember when I thought 30 was really old

35. I’m really bad about calling my loved ones by nicknames

36. Daren and I have our own language

37. All of my grandparents are still living

38. I’ve never lost anyone really close to me

39. I’m scared of balls (sports balls pervs)

40. I didn’t like living in Memphis or Birmingham

41. I think Nashville is the greatest city ever

42. My first concert was Milli Vanilli

43. I have an abnormal fear of the ocean

44. I caught a shark as a kid, had it mounted; it is still in my bedroom at mom and dads

45. I am still in touch with almost all of my high school friends. I think that’s rare

46. I rarely care what other people think

47. I love old rock and roll

48. I am big on customer service

49. I often just walk out of stores if I feel the salespeople are incompetent or just don’t care

50. Artwork is fabulous

51. I’m a list maker

52. I’m a big planner

53. I have an uncanny sense of smell

54. I really really enjoy cooking; it’s a stress reliever for me

55. I could get to 30-A with my eyes shut

56. ADPi

57. My feet are very tough. I could probably walk on hot coals

58. I have a very curvy spine

59. I wore a brace for 2 years b/c of it. That was fun

60. 7th grade was the worst year of my life

61. I held the GMS v-sit reach record until at least 1994

62. I have an odd obsession with dachshunds

63. I have a gun carrying permit

64. I feel a lot of conviction about memorizing scripture

65. I always try to memorize scripture, but it never happens

66. I only like soggy cereal

67. Spending a Sunday with Daren and Mc is my favorite thing

68. I don’t like debt

69. I’m a multi-tasker

70. I am not an athlete

71. I hate exercising

72. I like being home in the winter

73. I like going out in the summer

74. I still have my childhood teddy bear and I still love him

75. I can see God every time I look at McHaney’s face

76. I have an uncanny ability to judge people’s character

77. I can not pronounce the word pedestrian without a lot of forethought.

78. I saw my pediatrician until I was 21. McHaney sees him now

79. Pibb Extra is my favorite drink

80. I like white wine; I do not like red wine

81. My sister and I are total opposites and I love it… and her

82. I didn’t really want to have kids

83. I love being a mom

84. I have a horrible memory

85. But for some reason I can remember phone numbers like it’s my job

86. I always read my Southern Living magazine back to front

87. Daren and I agree on a lot of the “important’ stuff

88. That’s really good, b/c we are both really hard headed

89. I love to entertain/host.

90. I love to sing to McHaney b/c she enjoys it and she’s the only one who would

91. I pray a lot that God will help me to be a good mama.

92. There aren’t many things better than a pedicure

93. Daren is my best friend

94. McHaney runs a close 2nd

95. My dad is up there pretty high as well

96. I like to make up silly songs about the people I love

97. I love seeing how excited McHaney gets when I come home from work

98. I love seeing how excited she gets when Daren comes home from work even more

99. I’m thankful to have good girlfriends

100. Rarely a day goes by that I’m not thankful I was given the life I have.

I tag Lauren and Caroline to continue this!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Our First Trip to the Library

Today I took Mc for her first library trip. The Franklin Library has story time at 10am every Monday. It was a little over her head, but she loved the music at the beginning. They had a guy there that played the guitar and sang. I saw on their bulletin board that they have a preschool story time on Wednesdays at 10. So we may try that next time.

She did, however, love the library in general. All of those open aisles to run up and down. She thought it was a game. She was so cute. Oh and the people! She wanted to touch every other child in there.

We check out 3 books and hope to return them next week for more. This way, maybe mommy won't get so tired of reading the same 5 books 20 times each day!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carb Addict

A few cute pictures of my sweet girl eating her carbs over the weekend!

A special treat from Puffy Muffin on Thursday

MMM! The croissants at J Alexanders were so good on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What the?#*$%@!!!

Does anybody know what this is? It was in my CSA box today and I have no clue what it is!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Another day, another great place. We really liked Sonoma and started early to be sure we fit in all the wineries we wanted to see. There is one called Ledson that had a great little picnic area and band. We had lunch there and watched a bunch of drunk girls dance the afternoon away. it was too funny.

We finished up early and went to the square in Sonoma. We did a little shopping and headed back, as not to miss the wine hour at our B&B. (I know it sounds like we were all incapacitated at this point, but I promise we were not. We tasted very responsibly!)

Dinner that night was northern Italian, another great meal. The next night we were up and off to the airport. So glad to have seen wine country again. I'm sure it will be a few years before we see it again, but I'll be looking forward to it!

Russian River Valley

On our third day, we took a little break and drove thru the Russian River Valley. Visiting only 3 vineyards, we did more sight seeing than tasting. It is pretty country there, and looks more like you would expect "wine country" to look.

We checked into our B&B that afternoon, finally a place to stay for two nights, and it was the best one I've ever stayed in. Wine and cheese from 6 to 7. There was a large group from Dallas there and we sat and talked until dinner time. The next morning, breakfast was fabulous as well! Everything at The Gables was done with impeccable taste!

That night was our best meal. We ate at a place called The Girl and The Fig. When we first sat down, nothing looked good. It was so eclectic we didn't think anything would taste right; and none of us are really picky eaters. Anyway, long story short, our waitress ordered for us from drinks to dessert and everything we got was unbelievable! Plus, the atmosphere is second to none.

A good relaxing day all in all!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Ahh Napa, I still love you. You are still my favorite.

We spent our second day in Napa. We started with a tour of the Mondavi Winery. There tour is the best (this was my third time to do it) and I learn something new every time. After the tour, we had lunch at a great little place called the Oakville Market. It is a gourmet grocery store with little tables outside. You can grocery shop, although you would be broke after one shopping trip, or you can order sandwiches and such to go. We did the latter. Our food was fabulous and I'd love to have something like that place here!

Anyway, we tasted and drank the rest of the day. We check into our B&B late afternoon around 5:30. It was not really bad, but for a B&B I was pretty disappointed. So, if you ever go to Napa, DON"T stay at the Shady Oaks B&B. It is way over priced and the customer service/room, food quality is lacking as well.

Dinner was good. Seester had the best scallops I've ever tasted. Have ya'll seen all the smores on menus lately? We had a smores tray for dessert. It was really fun. Cook your own marshmallows, etc etc. I don't know, maybe I'm behind the times. But, it was too cute!

All in all, Napa was a great day!


What a vacation, busy but relaxing! We're glad to be home, but now I'll miss the Seester even more!

We landed in San Fran around 1:00 on Wednesday. We had been rerouted thru Atlanta and arrived an hour later than planned. It was well worth it though as they bumped us to first class for the 41/2 hour trip to San Fran! Warm towel anyone! We rode is style with free, food, drinks and movies a plenty! It was very fab and I felt quite fancy schmancy.

Lauren and Andrew picked us up at the airport and we were off to Carmel. A quick stop in Santa Cruz for lunch provided us with our first view of the ocean. Also a view of a 45+ lady in her tini-bikini with more lip injections than I have ever seen. It was about 65 degrees and there she was on the balcony at this restaurant, fully clad in a hot pink two piece, lounging around and drinking. SO CALIFORNIA! (PS- Lauren and I were in pullovers.)

Then to The Vagabond House. If any of you ever visit Carmel, I highly recommend this place. It was Mine and Daren's 2nd trip there and it was just as good the 2nd time around. We shopped a little and did some site seeing. We went to the beach and took pictures and had a nice Mediterranean dinner to top off the night. The next morning we were served breakfast right to our door, (ahh, breakfast in bed) and it was off to Napa!

Glad to be Home!

Well, we're back and McHaney was excited to see us last night! She teared up when she saw us and didn't know who to go too. She was just grinning and going back and forth. We missed her too!

She had a blast while we were gone. A lot of swimming; see the latest video. She's doing pretty good on her swimming if I don't say so myself! Also, she ate pretty well while we were gone; she's got a big round belly!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Daren and I leave tomorrow for the Wine Country. I can't wait! I am sad, once again, to be leaving McHaney behind. But, I will get to see the Seester and Murdoch (Mc's new name for Andrew) for several days as we tour the Northern California Coastline. I'm sure I will have plenty to post upon my return, although, (and I know this is depressing to so many of you... ) I will not be able to blog on this vacation! :) Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Talk to you upon our return!

Pray travel mercies for us as we are goine from our little bear! :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dr. Archilbald

Just a fun fact for all you moms with kids addicted to Veggie Tales. Dr. Archibald, a monocle wearing asparagus most famous for his appearance in "I Love My Lips", was created in the image of one of Lauren's professors at Fuller. And yes, he did confirm this rumor. I found this quite comical (apparently some of the creators attended Fuller Seminary). Who knew those famous little veggies were molded after real people!

*Note- Lauren's professor does not wear a monocle; only glasses. She did say, however, it would make her whole year much better if he did! :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just Like Old Times

When I was in high school, there was a designated day each week (during the summer) when my friends would come over and swim. Everyone knew what day it was, they didn't call or anything, everyone just knew. Yesterday, we tried to revive the tradition. Seven moms and 13 kids showed up at my parents pool. We swam from 11-1 and everyone had a little picnic around 12. It was super cute! However, I'm not sure we will return to the once a week tradition. I was worn out when I got home!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tea Par-tay!

Did anyone see the Today show segment, about 2006 commercials, this morning? There was one on there I had to look up. It is for Smirnoff "iced tea." Pretty funny! A bunch of rich white kids rapping... Anyway, you can see it here. Just something fun to brighten your day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Scottish Beauty

My parent's came home from England yesterday. They were gone for almost two weeks and McHaney definitely missed them. She seemed like she was in shock when she saw them yesterday, not knowing who to go too. She'd go to one of them, then 30 seconds later reach for the other one. Then, at lunch, she sat by my dad. She would just pat his arm, which is the same way she "loves" her baby doll, then he'd give her a kiss. She'd smile really big, wait about 10 seconds, and do it again. Someone from inside the restaurant (we ate outside) came out and commented on it. Sooo cute!

Honestly, she was really grouchy last week, getting worse everyday. I do think she really missed them. Do you think that's possible? I know she's young, but I just feel like she felt like something was a little off. I know she didn't think "oh, I miss my Mimi and Grandaddy", but seeing them almost everyday, she had to feel that something wasn't right when she didn't see them for 3 weeks. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy. But, I do know that after she saw them she came home and slept for 2 and a half hours. That is unheard of in our house. I think her little body finally said, "All is right in my world again!"

These are pics of her in a Scottish hat my parents brought her from] Scotland (pardon the tilt, I thought she was suppose to wear it to the side... according to my parents though, she should have it flat on top of her head.) She also got several other little presents including a kilt and matching hat. It's too big right now, but look for pics of her in that in the fall!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Time with Cousin Sadie and the Fam!

Daren's Dad and Barbara, along with Uncle D, Nina and cousin Sadie came for dinner last night. We did an early celebration for Father's Day and David's birthday. It was a good time and the girls are always so cute together. I can't wait until the can play!

Daddy's Girl

McHaney has been such a daddy's girl for the last week or so. I think b/c my parents have been out of town for almost 3 weeks (she sees them almost everyday) and something just feels off in her little world! She needs that security from her big safe Daddy to tell her it's all ok. Anyway, I captured some great moments this weekend and wanted to share. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Last night, my best friend from college was in town. Caroline now lives in Birmingham with her Husband John. I do miss her, but whenever we get together it is like no time has passed. Don't you love friendships like that? You can talk about times passed, or just current events, but everything is comfortable. You know those are the people that really love you and that you love in return. I feel so blessed to have people like that in my life!

Happy 11 Months McHaney (yes I'm late... again!)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nash Trash

Our day started early today. Daren had a Spring Social for work that we went too. It started at 10am, so we were up and at em' pretty early. Rhonda, my aunt, was sweet enough to babysit and we were off. We all met at the Wildhorse (where we had lunch after the tour) to take this tour called the Nash Trash tour. Gaylord bused us over to the Farmer's Market to catch our ride, which turned out to be a hot pink bus. Pretty hilarious for a bunch of accountants! Anyway, we board the bus and are greeted by "The Jugg" sisters Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever done in my life. They take you on a "tour" of Nashville, which isn't a tour at all. They just drove us around a couple of crappy areas in Nashville and told stories. But, they were a riot. Seriously, funniest thing I've ever done. You have to go... Daren and I are thinking about renting a bus out for the tour, I think it is about $30.00 a person. So, if you are interested, let me know. You will not be disappointed!