Friday, January 2, 2015

Collards and Kale + Bonus Creamed Greens

My favorite combo of of greens is collards and kale.  You can, of course, use any varieties you like.  Greens are so easy to cook and you can make a huge batch at a time.  Many people have their own recipes or they use one passed down for generations.  If you don't have one though, here my my favorite way to cook them!!!

1 pre-washed and cut bag collard greens
1 pre-washed and cut bag kale
2 cartons of chicken broth
1 onion
5 gloves garlic
coconut or olive oil
1 hunk salt pork or jowl
salt and pepper

Empty you collards into your crock-pot along with your chicken broth (save 1/2 c for later) and cook on high for 6-8 hrs.  Once collards cook down to half of their size (around 3 -4 hrs), put oil in a skillet and add kale, diced onion, garlic and salt and pepper to taste and left over broth.  saute on medium high until bright green (3-5 minutes) and add to collards and stir.  Let mixture continue to cook for remaining time.

***One done, I drain the greens and puree them with a little of ghee and a splash of coconut milk/cream for creamed greens a few nights later 

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